• The next generation of 24/7 POS Advertising 

    Stunning decals for the world's leading emotive brands.

     We assist marketing and sales organizations immediately increase sales and profitability at the retail level. 

    World Class POS Signage for the World's Leading Brands

    Our decals have the brightest colors.  They are the most durable, versatile, reusable and effective POS you'll ever use. 

    "The best decals we have seen" 

    The Coca-Cola Company

    POP Times Magazine,

    By experimenting with different printing processes and plastics trying to create a Stained Glass product that would incorporate the same jewel like vibrant qualities that could be mass produced and shared at a fraction of the cost.


    While visiting Atlanta, "The Coca-Cola Company". immediately recognized the potential, colors and 24/7 visibility benefits of utilizing it as a Branding & POS tool in the market. 


    The proto-typing began that far exceeded their expectations. Since then, we have been busy transforming and enhancing Logos, Brands and Promotions into an colorful advertising Art Form and experience that boldly brings out our clients true colors distinctively 24/7.

  • Improve Visibility, Brand Recognition
    Product Quality Association

     All for about twice the cost of a regular sticker, which lasts but a few months )-:

    5 Year
    Fade Warranty

    Reusable & Cost Effective

    As Easy to Apply, Remove and ReUse

    Save Time & Money

    Half the hassle of paint or paper

    Our Customers Never Go Back
  • We'd love to hear from you too...

    ”the best decals we've seen

    Gary Channel Manager Merchandising

    “a major role in helping us achieve (and maintain) substantial sales lifts."

    Judy Strategic Sourcing Coordinator

    “Wow! I just put one on my office window, and they look incredible! Excellent color! I am so impressed with Suncan."

    Jason Strategic Sourcing Coordinator

    "increased visibility and sales in the stores..."

    Ken Market Business Analysis Director

    "eye-popping visual impact that creates high consumer awareness."

    POP Times

    "The best decals we have seen" 

    Mike Retail Space Management

    “…the most cost effective and best POS we have ever used. The decals are well into their fifth year in the trade with no fading. They still retain their brilliant colors and over 85% are still up and working for us."

    Beverage World International

    "Suncan impressed me with their innovative and durable point of sale material that should revolutionize the industry.”
  • We Believe

    "Our products are like art.  Because we put the color in, not on, the sun shines through.  It creates an emotional response, just like how stained glass works."
    Jeff Flynn
    Founder & CEO

    And Finally, Our Why

    Like art, great brands help build civilization.  They build hope, happiness and a sense that, one day, everything can still be all right on our troubled planet.
    We are honoured to do our part.  By helping them brighten the world, we help spread beauty. And by enabling effective, corporate responsibility, we even help reduce the landfill - if only by a little.
      Let us all challenge the status quo of unappealing advertising that all too soon becomes waste.
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